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Good Samaritan's unquestioning help rewarded with harrowing ordeal

KPTV News Burglary Scene Becomes Murder Scene November 15, 2001

Oregonian Article November 16, 2001

Man Charged
in SE
Portland Murder-
KGW News Story November 19, 2001, 05:45 PM

Oregonian Newspaper December 2, 2001

The Register Guard Newspaper December 18, 2001


Violent Crimes MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

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A Daughter's Take On WHAT HAPPEND ... "?"

Yes, I want to share.... I don't know why? I want to scream to the world! I feel nuts sometimes, but yes, I need to share... so if you care to read/listen and respond, I promise you it is much appreciated. Email:

MY DAD WAS KILLED for what? $20.00, it makes me feel sick every single day of my life. He was safe in his own home! I now KNOW, that NO ONE is safe, ever.

The following is an outline of events that I, the daughter of Kenneth Patterson believe happened. I've only learned of these events through my own experience, media & newspapers, and of the trial/hearings.

My Dad was murdered Nov 12, 2001 in PORTLAND, Oregon.

Dad had just bought and moved into a home in SE Portland Oregon only about 30 days before his murder/crime happened to him. He had made a new acquaintance with a fellow in the neighborhood. A 30 something old man, a thud in my opinion, he is a guy his daughter's age. My Dad always felt he could or would helped anyone, anyway he could. This man probably appeared to dad as an alcoholic/druggie, but Dad a recovered alcoholic himself would always try to save others from alcohol or drugs or maybe for other reasons persons that were just down and out. He would try to help the. Shortly after Dad had moved into this nice little cottage home, a home that for many years, he had been searching for. My Dad had been here and there and didn't have the means to really get into a place that was ideal for him. He finally, found this home Sept/Oct 2001. It was everything Dad needed and in the perfect location. He was truly happy.

Although a year before, Dad had suffered from a heart condition and was really focusing on health and being well. I visited my father at Providence Hospital during the week he was there exactly 1 year before his death. In hind sight, I try to think of that time, where I held his hand, and told him how much I loved him, and asked him the dreaded awful thing like, "Dad, I don't know, if you had died, I don't know what you want? I hate to even mention it, but you're in your 60s I think since this happened I feel I should ask, because I love you and want what you want done for you." Dad was religious about his health, even seeing a natural doctor, got his teeth fixed up, and even tried very hard to stop smoking.

One day soon after he had moved into his paradise home, Danny must have been walking on by and started to chat with Dad. Dad was always good about hiring people to do things he needed done. I'm certain Dad offered Danny a task of raking leaves and Dad knew Danny would take the money and buy alcohol or drugs so Dad struck a deal and offered him a bicycle in trade for raking the October leaves on his property. It was probably a really decent bike. My Dad had been finding old TOUR/race bikes, refurbishing and reselling them for a hobby. Danny accepted the bike as payment for the work. Later on, weeks or days, I don't know Danny came back to my Dad's house. He told Dad the bike had been stolen. RIGHT? I'm sure my Dad felt he'd hawked the bike for drug/booze money. My Dad, if he gave you anything, you had better take care of it and show respect. You don't just leave it around to be stolen! If you did, you didn't get second chance. If you cherished what ever he gave to you, you'd probably get a bunch more stuff from him.

That visit, I understand that Dad may have even fed Danny a meal and they talked about bikes and Dad showed Danny a few prize Tour De France bikes he had in his living room.

The evening of Monday, Nov 12, 2001, Danny Flack was kicked out of his sister's home. He had no where to go, so where did he go? Danny went to my Dad's home. He knocked on the door and Dad came outside. They smoked a cigarette together and they started talking about bikes. Then Dad took Danny to the garage to show him something as they were talking about brakes, so I was told. In the garage Danny asked my Dad for $20.00. My Dad said NO. Danny got mad and beat my Dad to death with a hammer, then strangled him with an electrical cord and gagged him. Danny left my Dad pad-locked in his own garage after taking his keys, wallet, then stole Dad's car.

I worked with my Dad on a web site as we sold stuff. I was the one that started telling people that I couldn't get a hold of Dad. Nov 14, 2001, my brother finally got a hold of a room-mate that was in the process of moving in, a friend of 13 years, and begged him to look in the garage, as we'd found out that the home had been robbed the night before. This room-mate said Dad's expensive bikes were gone. Dad hadn't been home and didn't know where he could be? The garage was kept pad-locked as Dad did all his refurbishing of stuff and hobbies and it was off limits to any room-mates he had. His car which was typically in the drive-way or street wasn't around either. This room-mate just felt that Dad was gone, not home. No car, the garage locked. My brother asked are you sure the bikes aren't in the garage? The room-mate broke the pad-lock and found Dad dead in the garage.

The saddest part of all this to me is so SHOCKING. Us the family, we are TOLD NOTHING! I learned most of what I knew in the beginning from the web sites of PORTLAND TV news or the Oregonian newspaper. The POLICE, DETECTIVES, NO ONE, could or would tell us anything. We were not allowed on to Dad's property for several weeks, nor were we allowed a body to be put to rest.

I learned that Dad had been strangled while driving my car in the rain in Aloha, Oregon; it's a suburb of Portland, Oregon. We went to pick up his ashes and my Mother grabbed a piece of paper from the bag, thinking it was a receipt and it was a death certificate. SHE SCREAMED he was also strangled!?!?!?!. I almost wrecked my car. We had only learned of the blunt force trauma to his head. Cause of death said the coroner.

Danny went on a rampage that whole week. He kidnapped another man. Since Danny had stolen my Dads keys, wallet and car he came back to the house the NEXT DAY because Dad hadn't been found. Danny used Dad's keys and went into the Dad's house and robbed it. This would have been Tuesday. Danny had lost the keys to Dad's car in the house during the robbery, not knowing until he'd gotten back to the car and found he didn't have them. He went back to the house, and it was locked... Danny broke a window and went back into my Dad's house.. BLOOD/ DNA evidence was found in several areas of Dad's home Danny couldn't find the keys, so he left back to the car on foot where he had a bike he'd stolen. That Tuesday night the room-mate had come home to discover the robbery. The police were called to the scene and a full police report was done. No one thought anything about Dad not being at home.

I found Dad's keys after we were let in, and I was cleaning up Dad's house. I said, "This is weird... these look like Dad's everyday keys... ones he used for his car and the house?"
WEIRD THING IS... I held them at my desk every day.... and this was the end of November. At this time I knew nothing of this story you've just read. I didn't learn anything re: these events until March 2002 when Danny wanted a BAIL HEARING.
At the BAIL HEARING we heard most of this horrible crime and all its details. NO one ever sat us down to explain or give us information. No, we had to learn it all by sitting in the court room, in there while the DA attorney had the DETECTIVE on the stand, all while I look at the back of Danny's head. I can't even express in words about how it felt or how stressful it was. The detective when on the stand quoted some of the things said when Danny was first being interrogated. They asked Danny did you hit Mr. Patterson more than once?". "Yes", said Danny. They asked Danny was it more than 6 times? "Yes", said Danny. Could it been more than 12? "Yes", said Danny. Another part I remember was when they asked Danny why did you gag Mr. Patterson? Danny said, "To shut him up, he was screaming." We learned of the events of the kidnapping which occurred on Wed. just as Dad's body was being found.

Bail was denied and the real horror hit me because I didn't know what really had happened until that day in March. I had always hoped Dad had been caught off guard.
Struck once and maybe he never knew... but that's not the case.

3 weeks after this HEARING... I learned that Danny... has an INDENTICAL TWIN. WHAT ARE THE FREAKING ODDS of THAT?!
This twin appeared to have warrant out on for arrest. So, I was thinking, OH let's go for the death penalty on Danny, but there is an identical twin also with a worse police record...OUT THERE! I could run into him on the streets, this was and is a VERY HARD THING TO SWALLOW.

In May Danny decided to PLEAD GUILTY. THANK GOD! We were scheduled for full blow trial coming November 2002. Hopefully, a DEATH PENALTY trial. Danny spared us all that. His brother also attended this hearing too.

So, the saga is very long, but one thing that was the hardest for me still is I finally got Dad's car out of the Police impound lot. I got it home to. I cleaned it. I polished it. The killer had slept in that car. UGH. I decided to drive it that day afterwards to the store to buy myself a beer. My Dad would have hated that! But, I did.... I moved the steering wheel, and something fell out. I picked it up. HUM? Dad's BiMart Card... "OH DADDIE" what a dumb place to stash that... I giggled, but then more came out. THEN MORE ITEMS! 17 items in all fell to the floor of his car. UNBELIEVABLE! I was shaking. It was Dad's OR drivers license; all his wallet belongings!
Then a list of music bands in hand writing, they said: CREED, STAIND, LINCOLN PARK, grunge list of bands? I found a suicide letter which was left in the car by the killer. Also, a list of peoples names with numbers. All stuff I believe Danny didn't want to be caught with. Maybe these were Danny's contacts? Could be drug dealers? I learned later that some of the numbers were not phone but SID (State Id numbers) you get them once you're a criminal. WONDERFUL! I didn't realize this list was not Dad's until I called Karen, a name on the list. Karen was an old girlfriend of Dad's which I was trying to find. I never knew her last name. I did not find Karen, but I did find an angry evil man screaming at me. Quickly then I knew OH CRAP this is NOT my Dad's friends phone numbers, but the Danny's, the killers! I could not believe that the detectives or police didn't find this stuff in my Dad's the car. I called DA office and the detectives and told them and they asked me if I would mind looking through Dad's car more? UGH! The actual hammer was never yet found, I fear it is in the damn ca. I still have this car. This car is for sale. I have to drive by it everyday. Making my stomach sick.

You can read all that I've done.... so far and info about it online of course.

I am angry. I am now fighting for CRIME VICTIMS RIGHTS too. You would expect someone could tell you information. THEY DON'T and the media well, they don't even tell the truth. The stories I read were not all true. And they purposely left certain things out. It seems so misleading to me. I have no faith in media, investigations, police work, and court. It also really made me look at the JOURNALISM industry and think.. What the hell is it for? It's a tool... that's all. The police/detectives and all... they just use it when they need.... It's not REAL NEWS.

So, I'm still grieving really hard. Some days, I don't think much about it... then others I can't stop thinking: HOW, WHY, IS? DID? MY DAD REALLY DIE murder ed... ALONE??? BEATEN??? He never deserved that.

I hope you don't mind... but this is so important to me. I want all people to know, that my Dad, wasn't in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hate to think people take for granted how dangerous PEOPLE can be. My Dad loved Lake Oswego, Oregon, Portland Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, and Hood River, Oregon so very much. I ran his Obit everywhere I could, but I don't think people really remembered him, and the media certainly didn't cover his murder story at all. Weird to me, yes a young girl killed.... or boy... it's all over the news and IT IS SAD too. But, a 65 yr old nice man, Dad, Grandfather, and a great friend to many not really much news unless it's used for other reasons. I think children dying are the worse and most painful stories, don't get me wrong, but I also think so many more murders/wrongful deaths happen and we just never even know. THAT SCARES ME.

Sept. 11, then Nov 12/14 2001. Then watching the terror of a SNIPPER, I started to think that death meant murder. It's taken me sometime to remember, some people do live long, or not, but die of natural unavoidable reasons. I hate that someone else can make a decision to take a life. That is the death I dread. It is NOT for someone else to decide.

Believe me.... it's the SHORTENED VERSION.... sorry!

and... now 12 years have now passed... I still can't believe it!
My Dad, truly is gone for-ever... I leave this page... as a tribute and a reminder, that Kenneth was much loved, will be missed and that violence can not be tolerated.

Murder, is not entertainment!


Man's guilty plea earns life sentence

Daniel Phillip Flack - submitted a guilty plea, Thursday May 16, 2002

Daughter's speech as it sort of went.... on day of sentencing infront of the COURT and Flack

I posted this... as soon as I heard the news. No information had been released yet to me.


I love you!
I will never forget you.

I am proud to have your social abilities, your fun sense of humor, and the love and belief that all things are good.

Rest in peace.
We will get justice.

I know you tried your hardest, and I'm proud of you.

You will be missed and always in my heart!

Your Daughter



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KPTV News Burglary Scene Becomes Murder Scene November 15, 2001

Oregonian Article November 16, 2001

Man Charged in SE Portland Murder -
KGW News Story November 19, 2001, 05:45 PM

Obituary, Oregonian Newspaper December 2, 2001

Obituary, The Register Guard Newspaper December 18, 2001


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