Afm Recording Agreement

4. Call length/pauses: the minimum call is 3 hours (individual session). Longer calls and double sessions are allowed (6 hours of check-in within 8 hours, including meal break). It is not permissible to book two individual sessions on the same day instead of a double to avoid the time range. A 10-minute break is required. So what do you do if you`re going to work on a recording project or if you want to record an album yourself? Tell us. This section contains basic guidelines to which the AFM agreement applies and links most of the current national agreements. In order for admission contracts to be executed by the AFM, you must complete and submit a B4 transfer form that indicates the salaries and pension contributions of all musicians on the recording, as well as an acceptance letter to the AFM Sound Recording Labor Agreement (SRLA). To become a signatory to the SRLA, you would need to submit the SRLA Single Project Short Form for individual projects. If you have a label and want to submit multiple registration contracts, you should submit the SRLA acceptance letter.

Let`s show our members. At its March 2 meeting, The Local 802 Board of Directors adopted a new policy: “It has been postponed and detached so that Allegro can print announcements of new sound recordings of members in good condition as long as the sound recordings are covered by an AFM contract.” Mikael Elsila, editor-in-chief of Allegro, is expected to be Get your money! Are you still waiting for that check-in? Here`s how you get paid without sounding like a broken disk. If you would like more information on these agreements, please call the reception service at (212) 245-4802 ext. 191 or 194. For the use of music in a newly packaged, reissued or bundled version of the original product, including extension packs, add-ons, patches or product updates, no additional payment is due, no additional payment is required and is considered an original product. Any music made under this agreement can also be used free of charge in succession/succession publications, provided that any new music recorded for this derivative/successor is recorded with the aFM Video Game Agreement, which is then in force.